The Wikid Fun Search
Status: Beta
PLAY (b22)

Have you ever wondered if two things in the world are connected? Every person is supposed to have at most 6 degrees of separation, right? How many degrees of separation do you think an emu and a dumpster have? If you play the Wikid Fun Search, whoever finds the best result wins! Explore Wikipedia through this "glorified" browser to see if you can beat your friends to find a specific correlation by clicking on links between articles. The fastest user wins! Includes networked gameplay, a computer AI (adversarial search), and plenty of fun.

A note: David Meyers helped make this game, although all he created was an older version of the AI that was deleted. So, although he is given credit for the game, he added nothing.

Type in your name as prompted, then go the the Connections menu. You can either join another server that someone else is running by entering their IP address, or you can start your own. If you select "Run a server!" then you will host a game. Specify the start and the end articles for the game, and then start. You will automatically join your own game and will see a trimmed Wikipedia article - click on links to try to make it to your end word.