Status: v1.0 (multiplayer in development)
PLAY via Webstart

Sinuosity is my response to Three Rings Design's challenge assignment for the position of Games Programmer. The task was basically to make a multiplayer game in a week or two that uses Game Gardens in order to allow for multiplayer. Otherwise, it was an open project. So I quickly came up with the concept for Sinuosity, which was built using Ah, Maze!'s pathfinding and maze generation algorithms, with a few major improvements. From there, I added a bunch of dungeon crawler elements, drew a few pictures, recorded some sounds, and bundled it all together. I'm surprised at how fun and addicting the game is, even just in single player. Although it's not quite ready to be released on Game Gardens, I've put the single player game here. Enjoy!

Controls The controls are quite simple! Click where you want to move, and your character will go there as long as you have explored that room. If there is an enemy in your way, you will automatically attack it. If there is an item in your path, you'll pick it up. There is also a simple tutorial you can follow if you're still confused.

There are plenty of things that can be added to this game, like the ability to knock down walls, teleport, etc., and also having doors that require keys, time limits, more monsters and items, and more. I'm also still adapting this to Game Gardens, which will be done very soon.