The Spacebar/Time Continuum
Status: Version 1.0

This is the result of 17 people's work - I served as the producer and team manager for the team. It's a MMORPG that takes place in SecondLife, although the land has no longer been paid for and so the game does not exist. However, I created a video advertising and chronicling the game, which you can find below. The team was formed via a class that I designed and led personally - it's called All-Access Video Game Design, and ran for the Spring semester of 2008. There is a lot more information in the videos, I suggest watching them. Together they run about 20 minutes.


Unfortunately, the game no longer exists. The reason for this is that land maintenance costs in Second Life were costing almost $30 a month, which is significantly more than any of us can afford. In fact, it is more than four times the cost of my cell phone bill, if that puts things in perspective. The game was created by students in a class, and so the main goal of the course was to work together as a team to create a product, not to make a profit or publish anything. The video is there to keep the project etched in the tablet of time. Every individual piece of this project does still exist, so if anyone is interested in buying some of it within Second Life, seeing it, or anything else, please contact me.

A few of the people from the course (including me) are interested in working together to create a Flash rendition of this game. Who knows when that will happen, but keep checking my blog for more information.