Agent: 00PK
Status: In Development
PLAY (b54)

Work on this game started in February 2008. You play as a spy who uses her incredible parkour skills to sneak into enemy bases and rescue the world from nuclear destruction. Agent: 00PK isn't anywhere near done, but there's plenty to demo - check the PLAY link below. And if you don't know what parkour is, be sure to check this link: YouTube.

Known Bugs
The controls are all customizable, but it should be noted that they're very context sensitive. If you're using the defaults, here are some hints:

There are cheats in the game to mess around with things.
Have fun! There is a significant amount of tweaking that needs to happen to make this game more enjoyable, but you'll get the idea. And in order to finish a level, follow your compass in the bottom right corner. It will lead you to a glowing arrow that is the "exit." A good hint for getting past the guards is that they can't shoot you while you hang on a ledge. Try it out.

Latest Webstart update: May 13, 2008