OTC Platform Plant
Status: Version 0.1
Run via Webstart (b04)

My little brother was using a second-rate application to make side scroller games, so I decided to make my own. I ended up losing interest after a short period of time, but I did create a portion of the program that automatically parses and splits up sprite sheets, which can be very useful.

For this build of the program, you are immediately asked to find a sprite sheet via a file browser. Choose any sprite sheet, and the desktop will appear with your sprite in an internal window. Using the menu, select the transparency color you want (the default is white), and also change the tolerance (the lower the number, the less tolerant it is of off colors). Finally, tell the program to automatically scan for sprites, and the results should appear in the window to the right after a few seconds. In the other window, you can select sprites and then use the menu to delete an undesired ones, or you can save the sprites to a folder on your hard disk.

This would be a very fun project to finish, but it's got an incredibly long way to go. It's very, very, far on the backburners right now. We'll see what happens.