OTC Automaton
Status: Version 0.7
Run Newest Version via Webstart (b14)
Run Early (working) Version via Webstart (b08)
Run Circle Drawer via Webstart (b03)
Run Super Jumper via Webstart (b05)

This handy little app records keystrokes and mouse movements you have entered and then reproduces them on certain conditions. Currently mouse reproduction and conditions aren't implemented, but key recording functions perfectly. Can be useful for mundane tasks or for staying online in MMORPGs. OTC Automaton got a lot of love in my life of development until I found that it was incredibly difficult for a Java program to find the mouse coordinates on the screen without using a window first, even through JInput. This makes reproducing mouse movements difficult at best. Still, I made plenty of "versions" of this app, all of which you can run. Draw circles with your mouse, do perfect super jumping in Super Mario RPG, etc.

OTC Automaton: You will be prompted to create a match file, which is necessary only once. Press every single key on your keyboard, one at a time, the close the window. Click the button to open up the key action menu. Either type into the text box a message and press "type instantly", or click the listen button. If you're listening, the program will mimic every keystroke you make as long until you tell it to stop listening. You can look at the presses you've recorded in the list - select items and delete them if they are unwanted. If you select "Show Pauses," you can also manipulate the pauses between each key press and release. Finally, save the action, and then press to start it on the previous window. It will repeat continuously until you quit.
OTC Automaton (Early): Either record keystrokes or mouse movements using the respective buttons. When you're finished, click to stop recording. Finally, use the slider bar to change the pause in between each repeat of the keys, and press the start button. BE CAREFUL about too many mouse movements, it might make it impossible to quit the program.
Circle Drawer: Press and hold F1 to increase the circle radius, or press and hold F2 to decrease it. Press and hold F3 to start drawing your circle. You can hold both F1 and F3 or F2 and F3 to draw swirls of increasing or decreasing size. Note that this program also needs a match file created.
Super Jumper: Pretty damn hard to get to work. You can go to the directory where the JNLP downloads to and look for the test.jpg image. Find where that screenshot is taken, then match that up with your emulated copy of Super Mario RPG. the enemy you want to land on should be lined up at about the center of where it is taking screenshots. If you line it up correctly, start the program and do a super jump in your emulator. Super Jumper should do the rest - you'll have 100 super jumps just as soon as you can say "bread that isn't sliced!"

Well, a lot of work needs to be done on this obviously. I'd really like to get it finished, because it would be very useful if I ever did (just look at how many different places I've already used the same technology). At this point I've got no plans to come back to it.